Movers on the Move: Mike Travels Around the World

Little Guys Mover Mike contemplates his upcoming trip around the world! Every day is a new adventure at Little Guys Movers. Our job might be hard work, but we’re happiest being on the move and helping our customers pack, load, and relocate homes, storage units, or businesses locally or across the country. After all, what other career provides so many opportunities to explore new places, meet new people, and take in awesome scenic views? It makes all the sweat worthwhile.

That’s where Mike comes in. Mike has been a Little Guy for a long time. He’s always moving back and forth between Little Guys locations ﹘ from North Carolina to our headquarters in Texas, all the way to Colorado and everywhere in between. He’s also been known to hop on a plane in search of excitement across the Atlantic. Even more impressive, he’s the only mover who’s ever been to space! This summer, Mike has packed a passport and his selfie stick, and he’s off to travel the world. We can’t wait to see where he ends up.

Keep up with Mike on Instagram or Twitter and let us know where you think he should go next! Who knows — maybe he’ll end up spending a day experiencing the best your city has to offer…