Meet the Manager: Brett Rice

Brett the Little Guys Movers manager in Tallahassee.
Tallahassee Manager, Brett

One thing that makes Little Guys Movers unique is that so many of our managers started as movers. We are a company that encourages our employees to climb the ladder and dream big — there’s nothing stopping a part-time mover from running their own store one day. Brett Rice is a perfect example of this: he began his Little Guys journey as a mover at our Denton location, and now he’s the Branch Manager in Tallahassee, Florida. We asked him about his experience growing with the Little Guys the past few years and what it was like to transition to management.

Q&A with Brett

What was your first position when you joined LGM in 2017? Tell us a little about that experience.

I began as a Mover, then eventually became a Driver and Crew Leader. I loved getting paid to work out, as well as getting to go somewhere different every day. The puzzle of packing a full truck and the opportunities to problem solve — often under very unique circumstances — kept the job interesting and enjoyable.

When did you know you wanted to make LGM your long-term career?

Little Guys announced they were opening a new store near the beach and looking for a manager at the end of 2018. That’s when I set my sights on moving into this role.

What was it like transitioning to the management side of LGM?

I had worked in the field on moves, of course, as well as in the office working up estimates. I’d even been running the Denton store on weekends for a while. But transitioning to management was a wild experience — I moved across the country within a month! Before I left, I asked the Denton managers tons of questions and took pictures and notes. Then I moved into an empty, three-room store to start from scratch. Hiring, building equipment storage and shelving, marketing, learning the town (and state) — it was all new to me!

Why do you like being a Little Guy?

I find moving fun and I enjoy finding, training, and working with other hard-working folks that learn to enjoy a field of work that I have enjoyed.

What is your goal for Little Guys Movers in Tallahassee?

Ten trucks rolling off the lot every morning.