How to Find Quality National Movers

Overhead look out over a busy interstate highway through a wooded area. The sun sets in the background.


When you’re moving across the country, you need top-quality national movers. Many local moving companies don’t offer cross country moves, and there’s a good reason – out of state, long distance moves take more time, effort, and planning. That means that you want to be sure you hire national movers who know their stuff. Here’s what to look for to find the best national movers, and why we think Little Guys Movers fits the bill.

Only One Customer Should be Moved at a Time

Many national movers put multiple customers’ belongings on the same truck. Why is this a problem? First off, this means your stuff is going to travel all over the country to many different locations instead of making a straight shot to your new home, adding tons of time to your move. Second, your items may even get moved from truck to truck. With constant moving and unloading at various locations, it’s far more likely your things will get damaged or misplaced.

At Little Guys Movers, only one customer is moved at a time. Your belongings are never combined with someone else’s, so you know your stuff is safe and headed straight to you.

Look for Long Distance Expedited Services

Moving across the country can take weeks on end. One way to avoid seemingly endless moves is to utilize long distance expedited services. Expedited services are designed to head straight to your home, cutting weeks off your moving time. At Little Guys Movers, expedited is the only way we do things. Every Little Guys long distance move is an expedited service designed to get your stuff moved as quickly as possible, without detours or drop offs for other customers.

Get a Narrow Delivery Window

It’s never fun to beat your stuff to your new location. Hanging around an empty house for days – or even weeks – can make life pretty miserable. Many national movers provide “delivery windows” of up to 20 business days, making it nearly impossible to know exactly when to expect your belongings. But when you work with Little Guys Movers, we can provide a very narrow window since each truck only moves one customer. We know exactly how far the truck is from your new home, and we provide regular updates so you’ll know precisely when your stuff will be delivered.

Work with Seasoned Professionals

Two Little Guys movers talk to each other in the back of a moving truck.

When it comes to national movers, you want people with experience. Long distance moves are complicated, so look for people who have been around for years and completed many long distance moves. They’ll know what to do, how to prepare, and how to overcome hiccups in the process.

Little Guys Movers was founded in 1992, and we’ve been moving people across the country ever since. We’re experienced national movers, with hundreds of thousands of successful moves under our belt.

If you need national movers, contact the Little Guys. We’d love to provide a free, custom quote for your move.