The Custom Move: Relocating Your Specialty Items

A photo collage showing several Little Guys Movers crews moving specialty items

The bad news: moving day is approaching. Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll get that piece of large antique furniture through the front door, or you’re worried some of your breakable items might not make it safely to your new home. Maybe it’s just that you’ve never had to move the piano or the gun safe before. And while Google may provide a few practical explanations how, it isn’t exactly doing the heavy lifting.

The good news: Little Guys Movers is up for a challenge. We’re the moving company that not only specializes in handling custom items and hard-to-move stuff, but we’ll supply you with a team of movers that actually enjoys helping people move. Our job — our passion — is to make your life easier when it’s time to pack up and go, especially if you have any large or awkward belongings that might be especially tough to move yourself. Our movers are professionally trained to communicate with you and each other to facilitate a painless transition into your new home, office, or commercial location.

We have experience with delicate electronics like desktop computers, curved TVs, and audio systems, so you don’t have to wonder if it’s going to work when you plug it all in again. Outdoor items like grills and playsets can sometimes be overlooked when planning a big move, and people don’t realize how hard it can be to move bulky lawn and garden gear. With Little Guys, you don’t have to agonize over how you’re going to fit it all in the car or rental truck. Just leave it up to us!

Little Guys Movers handles specialty items with care, including building a custom crate for your fragile taxidermy or trophy mounts.

If you’ve ever had to move a pool table or an industrial refrigerator, you know it takes both strength and skill. But it’s not just that specialty items are heavy; some are difficult to maneuver and could even break if not handled correctly.That goes for glass cases, artwork, fine china, and other fragile keepsakes. Keep in mind that moving an item with any sort of sentimental value is always a risk, so be sure that: 1) you have insured movers handling your belongings and 2) they know what they’re doing.

We take the guesswork out of moving. Our free estimate means no surprises on the day of your move, and ensures you’re hiring enough people to complete the job efficiently. We’ll bring all the moving supplies required, because we know that sometimes specialty items require special restraints or dollies to take care of business. If we need to build a special box for your custom-made taxidermy or mounted trophies, we can do that too. We’ve been customizing moves for over twenty years and know just about every trick in the book!

We’re Little Guys Movers, and we’re ready to move your specialty items when you are. Hire the movers who are professionally trained, fully insured, and committed to excellence.  We’ll do whatever it takes to make your moving day go right.

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