A Little Advice: Summer Moves

Tips for Your Summer Move

May is National Moving Month (our favorite!) and Little Guys always celebrates by revving up for the hottest and busiest moving season just around the corner. Not only are we hiring and training our crews to handle the heat, but we’ve put together some helpful tips for your summer move too! Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind. You are also welcome to call a Little Guys office near you with further questions about planning your move or relocating your home or business in the summertime.


This goes for you, your family, your pets, and your movers too. Fill up a big water cooler or stock up on water bottles before the day of the move. Assuming your movers know what’s up, they’ll come prepared too. (Little Guys always do!) Heat stroke is a real threat on a hot moving day. Be sure everyone drinks lots of water, and if you feel like you may need to take a little break, do it. Your safety should always come first!

Book in Advance

We aren’t playing around about this ﹘ this season is hands-down the busiest time of the year for moving companies. Calling your moving company with plenty of advance notice will make it more likely they can accommodate your preferred moving dates and times. Keep in mind that a mid-week or mid-month move will often be the easiest to schedule. Also, start packing early to give yourself plenty of time to prepare, that way you won’t need to sweat over all the things you need to do at the last minute. (Don’t forget to read our moving and packing tips!)

Protect Your Belongings

Especially if you are planning a long distance move, keep in mind that some items just weren’t built for moving in extreme temperatures over prolonged periods of time. Candles will melt in the heat and could potentially ruin your other possessions. Original artwork must be handled with care, especially anything with oil paints or pastels ﹘ if you can, move art pieces in an air-conditioned car or van instead of the moving truck.

Records, photos, crayons, and other sensitive wax, vinyl, or plastic items all have the potential to warp or melt. Fireworks and other combustibles are generally not allowed on moving trucks anyway, but can be especially hazardous in summer. Check out “A Little Advice: Safety First” for a more complete list of dangerous items that cannot be moved.

Children and Pets

Be sure that your kids and pets are occupied and indoors for as much of the of moving day as possible. A designated area with activities is the best way to achieve this! We recommend a babysitter too. If you have a friend or neighbor that will look after your children as you handle the chaos of a hot moving day, you’ll be much more relaxed and less likely to forget the important finishing touches. The last thing you want to deal with during a summer move is an escaped dog or cat, or accidents due to bored or unattended kiddos.

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