How to Survive Moving During the Holidays

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‘Tis the Season

Everyone loves being home for the holidays. But what about when you’re moving to a NEW home? Moving during the holidays comes with its own set of challenges, but it’s not impossible! Follow these tips to plan a successful holiday move that doesn’t skimp on cheer.

Begin budgeting early.

The holidays can be expensive. Not only can gift-giving get pricey, but parties, decor, food, and events can all take a toll on the budget. If you’re planning on moving during the holidays, this is important to keep in mind. Start budgeting months ahead of time to ensure you have enough set aside for moving AND holiday fun.

Check your schedule — and your mover’s.

There’s no busier time than the holiday season. It’s important to look at your schedule a couple months ahead of time so you can plan your move around any can’t-miss holiday events. You also need to schedule with your moving company and other moving providers, like packing suppliers and storage facilities. Some companies may take off for the holidays or utilize special holiday hours, so call ahead far in advance to figure out the best days to move.

Plan your holiday cards.

If you like to send cards during the holidays, send them early! Include “we have a new address” information on the card so that it doubles as a moving announcement. That way everyone will have your new mailing address when they go to send out their cards a few weeks later. And remember to change your official address with the post office for those family and friends who forget to send their cards to your new home.

Order gifts as soon as possible.

The last thing you want to worry about when you get into your new home is holiday shopping. Can you imagine having to run around getting gifts in the middle of unpacking? As soon as you can, start ordering gifts online and stashing them away for after moving day. Then once the move is over, you only need to worry about wrapping.

Pack strategically.

Once you’re in your new space, don’t put off spreading holiday cheer. When you’re packing, prioritize the holidays — think about what you need for the season (baking supplies, for example) and make sure these things are ready to unpack right away. Unpack what you need to live and celebrate, and leave the non-necessities until after the holidays have passed.

Prepare for winter weather.

Moving to or from a cold climate? Make sure you’re ready for the challenges the cold can bring to a move. Have rock salt ready to cover slippery stairs and sidewalks, and call your new utilities company to make sure the heat will be on in your new place.


The holidays aren’t the same without decorations. Pack your decorations separately from other items and clearly label them. When you get to your new home, have the movers leave these boxes in the living room. Then when you’re unpacking, decorate at the same time! It will make your house feel like home right away.

Avoid major cooking responsibilities.

Cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving may be your thing, but if your kitchen is only half unpacked and you aren’t familiar with your new appliances, let someone else handle it this year. You don’t want to be digging through boxes for your baster or dealing with a burned bird because your new oven runs a little hotter than your old one!

Don’t forget about the kids.

It’s easy for the holidays to get lost in the moving process. Maintain the fun for your kids by listening to holiday music while unpacking, and try not to skip family traditions. Visit family if you normally do, and watch your favorite holiday movies. Moving can be tiring, but try to do what you can! Even a mug of hot chocolate at the end of the day can go a long way. On the practical side, plan far in advance if your child is headed to a new school, making sure they have all the documents they need for enrollment. And let your children know that Santa knows their new address and will be able to find them!

Moving can be overwhelming at times, especially during the holidays. But if you follow these tips, you should be able to move and keep your holiday spirit. Are you planning a holiday move? Little Guys Movers would love to help make it as smooth as possible. Contact your local Little Guys to get a free quote for your move!