Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Little Guys

Where Does Your Job Take You?

Q: What’s better than having a job where you get to explore new places and make new friends? A: Nothing! Come by our office and ask us about the most awesome job you’ll ever have. Bring a pen.

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Greensboro Little Guys in truck

Little Guys, Big Moves

These guys are making a big move from Greensboro, NC all the way up to Massachusetts. Did we mention Little Guys love road trips? Whether you’re headed across the street or across the country, every move is an adventure, and we’re happy to help you get to where you’re going!

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Four Greensboro Little Guys Movers

Little Guys Move Big Stuff

There’s nothing this fine-looking group of Little Guys can’t move. This photo was snapped just before taking on that big incubator behind them. Next time you need something heavy moved, whether it’s across the house or across the state, don’t hesitate to call us!

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Little Guys with dogs

Now Hiring: Bipeds Apply Within

Bringing our BFFs (Best Furry Friends) to help share the workload seemed like a good idea, but it turns out dogs aren’t very good at heavy lifting or driving the moving truck. Oh well … good thing they’re cute. Little Guys Movers is now (always) hiring!

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