Loading & Unloading Services

Feeling a little DIY? If you plan on renting a truck or trailer and driving it yourself, you can still leave the heavy lifting to Little Guys Movers. We put the same care and expertise into loading or unloading your rental as we do with all of our moves. Fill out a free quote form and let us know how we can help you!

Tips From Our Team

When it comes to moving, we just want to be helpful. In this case, that means sharing a few loading and unloading tips we’ve learned over the years. ☺

Preparation & Loading

  • Like you would for any service provider, get quotes from a few different rental truck companies. You could be pleasantly surprised and save a little money!
  • If you’re not sure what size truck you’ll need, just ask someone at your local Little Guys Movers — we’ll help you calculate how to accommodate all your belongings safely. We do this every day, after all!
  • Be sure to rent your truck or trailer well in advance — especially during the busy summer months — and have it on site before your movers are scheduled to begin loading. It’s also essential that you purchase or rent moving pads to protect your items. We can help you figure out how many you need, just ask us for our expert advice.
  • Check your insurance policies to make sure your rental vehicle is covered. If it’s not included in your auto policy, purchase coverage from your rental provider.


  • Avoid tricky situations where you must back up your rental vehicle, especially if you are towing a trailer. If you need to put it in reverse, ask someone to spot you.
  • When driving a rental truck, remember it’s much taller than what you’re used to! Watch out for tall trees and don’t take it through the drive-through.


  • If your friendly, local Little Guys are not loading your items into the truck, be sure whoever handles this part of the process uses moving pads to protect every item and straps everything in safely.
  • When calculating your arrival to the new house or office, allow for more time than you would a regular vehicle. Be sure to have your keys to the new place before your helpers are scheduled to start unloading.

Have more questions? Contact your nearest Little Guys Movers location and put our expertise to good use.