Loading and Unloading PODS

A Little Guys mover sits on a roll of bubble wrap in front of two PODS containers


Have you ever considered moving with PODS? We explain the pros and cons and how we can help with your PODS move.

What are PODS?

PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. PODS are storage containers that are delivered to your home that can be loaded at your convenience and then shipped to your new location when you’re ready to move.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using PODS?

PODS aren’t the right option for everyone, but for some people they are definitely the best choice — it just all depends on your situation.

The biggest advantage of using PODS is flexibility. PODS are a great choice if you want to load your things slowly over time, or if you need to have easy access to your items once they are stored. They can also be easier to load since they sit flat on the ground, so there is no ramp to contend with.

However, PODS aren’t always cost effective, particularly if you’re moving long distance. The price for PODS varies greatly by location, the size of your container, and the distance of your move. Plus, you get zero help loading and unloading your PODS. You’re looking at a fully DIY move.

How does Little Guys Movers help with PODS?

PODS can allow you to move when you’re ready, but you may not want to do all the heavy lifting on your own. Little Guys Movers offers loading and unloading services for PODS to help take some of the work off your plate. You may want us to load your things well ahead of your move, so you’re prepared to go at a moment’s notice (perhaps while you’re waiting for your home to sell). Then we can unload for you, too, once your ideal moving day arrives. Or perhaps you want to use PODS so you can pack and load your belongings on your own, over an extended period of time. But once you’ve reached your new home, you’ll probably want everything unpacked as soon as possible — that’s where we come in, to unload it all for you.

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