Our story takes us back to 1992, to a humble town in North Texas called Denton. It was here that a man named Marcus Watson had a simple dream, and together with a few buddies and a couple of Toyota pickups, the rich legacy that is Little Guys Movers began…

The Lubbock location was our very first franchise store, and it opened its doors in February 2007. It got its start on account of the fathers-in-law of Marcus and franchise owner David Conklin: they were old college roommates, and this relationship led to the inevitable encounters of Marcus and David at least a couple times a year.

In 2006, Marcus began to talk about the idea of franchising Little Guys Movers. David’s hometown of Lubbock, Texas seemed to be the right place to get started: the local culture matched up with our core values, and it offered a great community within which David could get the company up and running, thanks to his local network of business connections and friends. It just seemed like a natural fit.

At the time, there were plenty of moving companies in Lubbock. The unique challenge for us was to introduce a pricing system that got away from the traditional hourly estimate and ball park figuring. The solution? Establishing a flat rate for the customer’s entire move. This was an innovative idea at the time, and has since changed the culture of the moving industry in areas where Little Guys Movers operates.

Another challenge in Lubbock was the location itself. Lubbock’s not the large metropolitan area that would normally generate numerous smaller, everyday moves. Instead, the city – aptly nicknamed “Hub City” – acts as a large-scale intersection, creating opportunities for more long-distance hauls across Texas and other neighboring states. (Which, of course, our staff loves because it takes them on adventures to parts of the country that are off the boring, beaten tourist path.)

Despite the challenges, Little Guys Movers loves being a part of Lubbock. With its big city activity and small town appeal, the team always feels welcomed at local community service events, volunteer opportunities, sporting events and the like. And while the customers are a big reason why Little Guys loves their home Lubbock, it’s also because of the dedicated employees that this location is what it is today. Thanks for taking care of us, Lubbock, Texas!

Little Guys Movers team members in Lubbock, Texas
Little Guys Movers team members in Lubbock, Texas