Meet The Gainesville Crew
Rusten Bullard, Branch Manager at Little Guys Movers in Gainesville, FL.

Rusten Bullard

Branch Manager Little Guy since May 2014

I began my Little Guys Movers career in May of 2014 at the Lubbock location. I lived in Lubbock starting in 1982, and I graduated from Texas Tech University with an English degree. I was the Lubbock Branch Manager until 2018, when I moved to Florida to help launch and lead Little Guys Movers Gainesville store. Gainesville has a great demographic and a very familiar feel, as it is a college town surrounded by great big cities, just like Lubbock, TX. I want the people of Gainesville to know that Little Guys Movers is all about doing right by people. That’s our number one goal. When I have to make a decision, I’m always directed by that idea. I love the values on which we are built, and as a manager, and as a store, we are given every opportunity to flourish in our community. Little Guys Movers is also a community within itself. I love being able to fellowship with Little Guys at every level, and I can’t imagine having as much fun in a day of work anywhere else.