Our story takes us back to 1992, to a humble town in North Texas called Denton. It was here that a man named Marcus Watson had a simple dream, and together with a few buddies and a couple of Toyota pickups, the rich legacy that is Little Guys Movers began…

After finding some success in establishing Little Guys Movers in Denton, the guys in charge contemplated turning their sights elsewhere. One of the company partners recommended checking out the majestic city of Ft. Collins, Colorado and, quite frankly, turning down a road trip to the beautiful Centennial State simply wasn’t an option.

Everything about this college town enchanted the guys on that first recon trip, from the tasty breweries and great music scene, to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Cache La Poudre River. And so it was that late in 1998, they ventured to set up shop in a building on North College. That first winter was long and dark, but the location emerged profitable and ingrained itself into the foothills town.

By 2010, up-and-comer JD Patton, (who had started with Little Guys in 2000 as a mover and worked his way up), transferred from managing the Denton location to become the GM here in Ft. Collins. It’s been 15 years since we moved to this incredible city, and we are still looking for new ways to be involved with our community as well as to offer the best moving services in the area.