Fayetteville, AR
Little Guys Movers Fayetteville under construction

Moving and Growing in Fayetteville

Little Guys Movers is in the process of remodeling our new location in south Fayetteville. With a bigger building and parking lot, we’ll have more space to grow and help make your moves even better. We look forward to operating out of our great new space by the end of this month!

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Fayetteville Little Guys at a restaurant

Happy Movers, Happy Customers

When you’re part of the best moving company around, the rewards can be pretty sweet. The work isn’t always easy, but if we’ve learned anything in this business, it’s that teamwork and a positive attitude go a real long way to getting the job done. It’s our secret to actually enjoying it, too. Moving day

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Fayetteville Little Guys cutting tree branches to fit moving truck on street

Real Movers Manscape

Little Guys will do whatever we can to make the move easier on all of us, even if it means pruning a couple branches to get our moving truck where it needs to be to do the job right.

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waterfall in forest

Professional Mover, Talented Photographer

One of our Little Guys is not just a professional mover but an incredible photographer, too. Nathan Clark has been snapping some excellent shots while out on his adventures, and we started dedicating Mondays on our Facebook Page to posting his stunning photos. Here are some of our favorites so far:

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Little Guys Movers at Saddlebock Brewery

Brew Move

We had a great time moving fermenters from Hog Haus Brewing Company to Saddlebock Brewery. Go by Saddlebock have a drink and check out the new equipment.

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