Now Hiring Energetic and Fearless Individuals

Looking for a job? At Little Guys Movers, we believe that hard work can truly take you places. There’s nothing like pushing yourself mentally and physically to your limits, or working with just your hands and a few simple tools to accomplish a hard-earned goal.

Meet one Little Guy that genuinely embodies that notion: Nick Sweet. Before he started with Little Guys Movers he was just looking for a part time job to get him through the summer. Within months he recognized where hard work ethic, a determined outlook, and a great attitude about customer service would take him. Today, he has not only advanced his way up from mover, but he was also given the opportunity to travel to and help open a new location in Tulsa, OK:

“I applied for a job with Little Guys Movers in the summer of 2011. When I started, it seemed like it would be just like any other summer job. I began as a mover, but happily soon realized that there was room for fast advancement through the company. The culture I experienced here is unmatched anywhere else I have worked. The combination of brotherhood, camaraderie, and a strong work ethic make for a fantastic work environment. After a year and a half with the company I was made the Master Crew Leader in Lubbock, TX and presented with the opportunity to move to our branch in Tulsa, OK. After living in Tulsa for a year, I look back and never would have guessed this is where my life would take me. At the same time, I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. The opportunities and friendships I have formed over the years with Little Guys Movers will last a lifetime. The skills and experience I have acquired here have been very valuable and will not only further my ongoing education in the company, but in life as well.”
– Nick Sweet, Master Crew Leader, Little Guys Movers Lubbock





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