Spring is in the air and we couldn’t ask for a better time of the year to help you make moving easy.
Fayetteville, AR - 04/14/2017

In Fayetteville, spring is blooming, the birds are singing, and the movers are moving. Breathe deep and relax. With Little Guy Movers in your corner, your move will be a snap.

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It’s time for some Little Guy to fuel up!
Fayetteville, AR - 02/15/2017

You know what they say: the Little Guys that eat dinner at their local diner together, move better together!

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Fayetteville has a new Ronald McDonald House and Little Guys are happy to help them settle in.
Fayetteville, AR - 12/09/2016

We couldn't be more excited to have this opportunity to give back to the community.

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Fight hunger with us! Join Little Guys Movers in our mission to help the community, one move at a time.
Fayetteville, AR - 10/13/2016

Giving back starts here!

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Some folks might think a baby grand piano is tough to move but not Little Guys Movers.
Fayetteville, AR - 08/15/2016

What do you do when you’re planning a move and there are some items that just seem impossible to relocate? Call Little Guys Movers!

Baby grand piano? Not a problem.

Outdoor shed? We’ll figure it out!

Lots of stairs? We’ve got this.

  Let us handle the heavy lifting and the tough-to-move items. After all, we are the professionals!

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Fayetteville, AR - 06/09/2016

It’s the hottest time of the year, which means it’s also the busiest season for your local movers! We know how important it is to stay cool, hydrated, and well rested when out on the job; sometimes you’ve even got to reward yourself with a special treat. Work shouldn’t be all work ﹘ it’s important to have fun too. Summertime, here we come!

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Fayetteville, AR - 04/08/2016

Think you have a lot of stuff? Try us! One of our most recent moves required six moving trucks and we still got the job done in no time. On days like this we mean serious business ﹘ which means a large move will never slow us down. We’re ready when you are!

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Fayetteville, AR - 02/05/2016

We're proud to call Fayetteville home.

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Fayetteville, AR - 01/11/2016

Little Guys are professionally trained to move all kinds of specialty items. What can we help you move?

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Fayetteville, AR - 12/12/2015

Little Guys aren’t just your friendly household movers; we’re your friendly everything movers!

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