Little Guys Movers - 06/30/2017

We're proud to partner with Move For Hunger in an effort to alleviate food insecurity issues in our communities. Donate food today and we’ll find your unwanted cans and non-perishable items a good home!

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Little Guys Movers - 06/12/2017

Original Little Guy Marcus Watson shares what 25 years with Little Guys Movers means to him.

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Little Guys Movers - 06/09/2017

Introducing custom Little Guys merch by the one and only Pan Ector Industries. See what styles these guys can spin up for you today.

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Fayetteville, AR - 06/08/2017

Last month we had the wonderful opportunity to help Jackson L. Graves Foundation with their family garden project at Willow Creek Women's Hospital.

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Moving is made easy with your friends at Little Guys: the moving solution experts.

For a free moving quote and a stress-free move, give your local Little Guys Movers office a call.

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Little Guys Movers - 06/01/2017

Original Little Guy, Chris Hawley, reflects on what it means to be living the dream with Little Guys Movers for 25 years.

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Big furniture? Not a problem for these Little Guys.
Wilmington, NC - 05/29/2017

Don’t be fooled by the name.

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Eric, the newest member of our office team, can’t wait to answer your phone call.
Raleigh, NC - 05/25/2017

Have questions about moving? Not sure where to start? Little Guys have answers, and we’re just a phone call away.

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Who ever said moving was dull? Little Guy make moving fun!
Lexington, KY - 05/22/2017

Who ever said moving had to be a boring, tedious process? Not Little Guys Movers.!

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Winter weather in May? Little Guys can handle this unpredictable development!
Fort Collins, CO - 05/18/2017

Who would have thought it would be snowing in Fort Collins mid-May?

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